5 Must-have Items Any Mother Needs In Her Car

When speaking about motherhood, we usually think about a lot of things. But the chances are that you might miss the little stuff like the amount of time you will spend with your little ones in the car. This experience can be very challenging, so we’ve collected the 5 must-have items that will help you go through it successfully:

1. Large shopping bag

The shared travel with children involves a lot of equipment such as pacifiers, little backpacks, numerous paintings and pieces of cloth, diapers, and more. A large bag will allow you to collect everything before going home and will save your return to the car after forgetting the favorite blanket or pacifier. 

2. Mother's hook

Nice to meet, your best friend. You will thank god for it every time you will come back from shopping with tons of bags all over your car. You can attach all bags to this magical thing and by that having two free hands for carrying your sweet little love. 

3. Trash can

We know exactly how your car looks, just like ours 🙂 Full of the junk produced by your kids during only 10 minutes of drive (it is not clear how it is scientifically possible). So to keep your car tidy and clean, make sure to buy one of those cute trash cans with a cover that we will recommend to wrap with a bag to avoid garbage spreading. 

4. Tweezers

Yes, you heard us right, because what about us? You will soon find out that the combination of traffic congestion, daylight, and a mirror is the best opportunity to spot unwelcome hair that you couldn’t find the time to handle. Of course, you should be very cautious and do it only while stopping and not during driving. 

5. Wet wipes (and some more wet wipes)

The mother’s best ally. You probably already carry those everywhere, but it is always good to be on the safe side and have one extra package in your car. You can never know when it will save you from a sticky hand issue, a runny nose or even a dusty steering wheel 

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