7 Surprising Things That Every Fetus Does

No matter whether you’ve already been pregnant before or it is your first time, the blind date with our fetus on the ultrasound screen is a remarkable and exciting experience.
The technology allows us to have a glance into his magical world, in which besides of growing cells and kicking us (in a definitely impressive way), he does some other surprising things. You’re probably wondering what such a tiny creature can do anyway? So here are some amazing examples.

1. He yawns

Even though his daily routine includes only sleeping and eating (and swimming a little), don’t worry, he still didn’t get bored of you yet 🙂 The yawn helps him to practice his jaw muscles and helps develop parts of the brain that are responsible for movement.

2. He blinks

6.2 times in an hour to be exact 🙂 The reason is developmental, as there is no exposure to high light in our uterus and the blinking helps the fetus to strengthen his eye muscles toward his exit to the world.

3. He sucks his finger

Another important action from a developmental perspective is sucking. The finger sucking allows the fetus to practice for the moment when he will start sucking his mother’s milk.

4. He hiccups

If you feel little jumps in your belly, it doesn’t have to be another kicking session; it might be your fetus hiccuping. This incredibly sweet phenomenon is natural; in that way, your fetus releases the amniotic fluid he might inhale or swallowed.

5. He hears everything

From the 16th week of pregnancy, the fetus develops the hearing sense and will be aware of voices outside your uterus. Researches found out that babies can recognize the opening of their mother’s favorite tv show during pregnancy. So note that 🙂

6. He travels the walls

Your fetus travels along your uterus walls, and if you put your hand on your belly and move it, you might feel him follow you. Researchers have found that fetuses tend to create routes that they stored in their memory even after the delivery. Isn’t that amazing??

7. Yes, he feels your orgasm

Don’t worry; it is good and wonderful:) keep in mind that just like in life, when you are happy, it affects everyone 🙂 During your orgasm, there are changes in your fetus’s heart rate.

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