A mom’s life is very dynamic. Every day brings with it new feelings, new needs, and some new words 🙂

By the time after you’ve become a mom, you start to understand that you need (and want) to get some new things for you and your baby. Because, you, just like your new baby, start to learn and become familiar with so many new things that will ensure your baby’s soft landing into the world and his proper development.

So you start searching on different babies stores, investigating, comparing different products and there comes the moment when all the information overwhelm you, and you say to yourself: ” I wish someone will tell me what to buy!!”

From that same feeling, Momz Icon was created. Together with other experienced moms and professional development consultants, I’ve created the right box at the right time for the right type of mom. Every month you will get 5 stylishly customized items for your baby’s age and developmental stage (and one gift for you too).

The box includes a variety of items: development toys, food, textile products, design items and a surprise gift just for you. They all have been carefully selected to promise high-quality standards, usefulness and of course high style levels (like every Momz Icon loves).

So we invite you to join us and combine your passion for style into your best job ever- being a mom. Because in a world which every moment is captured and posted online, you want your baby product to fit who you are.

Welcome Momz Icon – If you are here, you are truly one of us.