Printable Monthly Birthday Postcards – Boys Version

If you are here, you probably have a baby boy!
So what are the postcards for? 

First of all, this is a fantastic memory from a magical period in your life (and believe it or not, it passes very quickly).

We highly recommend taking advantage of the fact that you can still photograph your baby as many times as you want and picking the clothes for him/her (when they get older, it becomes much more difficult).

You can make fun with it and add some cute props or your baby’s favorite toys of the month 🙂

Click the picture to download a printable version (A4 sized). 


General printing recommendations: 

  • It’s a good idea to print in a digital print shop that does small works for private customers.
  • In terms of size, you can also print your files on a home printer. If you choose to do so don’t forget to mark the option-Fit to page. 

And if you have a baby girl–> click this link to get the girls adorable version:  Printable Monthly Birthday Postcards – Girls Version.

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