The Truth About Eating for Two

When speaking about gaining weight during pregnancy, some women tend to binge eating cause they believe that they are “eating for two,” while the other part always weighs themselves and fear of becoming fat.

This exciting period in your life is full of challenges, fears, and concerns. In my opinion, you shouldn’t focus on your weight as an increasing number. Think about the amazing mission of your body – to create new life. Your body works very hard and needs to be fed right so it can support your fetus and provide everything for its ideal development.

Every woman gains weight during pregnancy, some more and some less. According to the standard guidelines, a pregnant woman needs to add about 300 calories to her daily calories consumption. It is a healthy and natural process as long as it is gradual, monitored by your doctor and as long as you eat healthily. You can try and find the right kind of nutritious food that doesn’t cause you nausea or heartburn.

To be on the safe side, you should consume fresh and healthy food that includes all the food groups to enrich your body with essential minerals and vitamins. Generally speaking, vegan nutrition will be the best, so any vegan recipe would be a good fit here.

I highly recommend taking things easy, any weighting besides the ones conducted by your doctor will add unnecessary stress and might be harmful. However, I do understand that the question: “how many pounds should I gain during my pregnancy?” runs in your head. It is reasonable given the tremendous changes that your body go through.

It is important to be aware of the fact that your weight gain during pregnancy is correlated to your body structure before pregnancy. Not all women will gain the same weight, every woman and her body condition.

According to doctor recommendations, a woman that started her pregnancy with a healthy BMI score should gain between 12-15kg. Overweight women could gain 12kg max while slim women could gain 18kg max.

So what is the reason for gaining weight during pregnancy?​

Except for the obvious answer that “there is a growing baby inside you,” your fluid balance and nutrition vary because you tend to avoid or crave different foods. The little fetus will grow into a baby that also gains weight with the help of the placenta, which also has a significant part in the additional weight.

And how does the weight divided?

Fetus: 2.5-4kg

Placenta: 1-1.5kg

Amniotic fluid: 1-2kg

Breast and milk tissue: 0.5-1.5kg

The change in the fluid and blood array: 2kg

The total gain weight is about 9-11kg (the other 1kg is due to the fat tissue).

Diet during pregnancy

Your pregnancy period is absolutely not the right time for going on a diet. It might have devastating results on your baby’s development. It’s better to ensure that your diet is balanced and contains all the vitamins and minerals required for the body, so your baby comes out healthier and stronger. Some specific medical cases will require to keep your weight gain low. That will save you from experiencing the severe pregnancy’s “side effects” such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, breathing difficulties, and even diabetes.

Also, if you used to work out and stopped during your pregnancy in might slowed your metabolic process and caused you to gain more weight.

General recommendations for right pregnancy nutrition

1.Healthy eating:

It is easy to say but harder to implement. If your current nutrition isn’t healthy and balanced, it is highly recommended to consult with a professional nutritionist and get a custom nutrition plan. It is a great opportunity to embrace new healthy habits that will stay with you and your family even after pregnancy.

While the recommended calories gain increases only a bit during pregnancy, the recommended vitamins consumptions should be much higher, sometimes even 50% more than usual. That’s why you should eat food that is rich with vitamins and contains high nutritional value. In other words, you should avoid processed food and sweets while consuming a high amount of veggies, fruits, nuts, and legumes. Make sure to always have those kinds of “pregnancy friendly” food available so you won’t be tempted to eat junk food. It works!

2. Eating for two

It is time to disprove this myth. No, you don’t really need to double your eating. It is no more than a false belief that makes women gain more weight than they have to during pregnancy. However, you should always remember that a tiny baby is growing in your belly. Do your best to provide him/her with the best nutrition so you both will have the best conditions.

3. Organized Eating

Organized eating is essential for your general good feeling. Unorganized eating might cause your blood sugar levels to drop immediately, making you hungry, and eating unhealthy food. Also, in order to avoid sudden nausea and dizziness, make sure to plan your meals, and always take some healthy snacks with you everywhere.

4.Working out during pregnancy

Working out during pregnancy is highly recommended as long as it approved by your doctor and done with care and attention to avoid injury. If you used to work out before pregnancy, you could continue (with some changes). If you didn’t exercise before you can start with a low-intensity workout. You can always get some details about custom workouts for pregnant women (start with this video) that will help you get ready for the delivery day and help your body to recover faster.

5.Ignore people’s comments and embrace your body

During pregnancy, a lot of people will comment about your eating habits and your food choices. Some will say you are not eating enough, and others will assume you are overeating regardless of your actual eating amount. They all want your favor; however, are not always so helpful rather than making it harder and confuse you. You should only listen to your body and eat when you feel like it. 

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